Svetlana Sapegina, French beading

I’m from Russia and I have been making French beaded trees and flowers since 2007.

I have a passion for duplicating the beauty of the natural flowers and trees with the help of beads and wire. I strive to achieve maximum resemblance in shape and colour between a real and a beaded plant!

Here in Russia beading of flowers in the French technique is a recent trend. Not many people are familiar with this technique or have seen beaded trees and flowers. But it is becoming more and more popular. The beauty of such pieces of art attracts both men and women. When I was a twelve year old girl some of the kids from my district brought several matchboxes with beads of different colors and some fishing line. That summer I wore about a dozen various beaded friendship bracelets and learned how to make other interesting things from the fishing line and beads. Later I learned that we beaded our friendship bracelets in the Victorian technique.

But after some period of time my enthusiasm lapsed. I stopped beading and couldn’t even imagine that the interest in designing with beads would emerge again two and three times stronger. Five years ago when I saw two beautiful beaded trees I couldn’t believe that they were made by human hands. I had never seen anything as unusual, exquisite and extremely beautiful as they were. The fact that these realistic looking beaded trees were made by hand was really astonishing. My first thought was that I wanted to be able to create such beauty with my hands.

A couple of days later I bought my first beading book. I started by teaching myself the basics of French beading and practiced by making the examples offered in the book. Before long I began to modify the shape or change the colors and began to develop my own artistic style. And finally I began designing my own patterns and floral arrangements.

In 2011 the Museum of folk arts and crafts in Yekaterinburg purchased two of my works – Amasone Lily and Japanese Irises.

One of my last pieces - Geranium came through to the final at Bead Dreams Contest in 2012 that was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After that it was put on a display at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In December 19th, 2012 the Royal Wedding Bouquet, the beaded replica of Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet, was presented to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William & Kate Middleton).

I published my first book about basics of the French beading in 2014. There will be the second book soon and then the third. I'm planning to translate all the books into English.

At this date I created more than 150 beaded pieces.

Now I really enjoy creating more and more beautiful arrangements. I also teach classes for adults and children in my town Verkhnyaya Pyshma, Russia.

The French beading technique is my favorite! This is my passion! Quality of my pieces is equivalent to its beauty. I use only the best materials and strive to achieve design and color combinations worthy of first place honor!